Author name: Sandra Rosy Lotti

Oh My Cod!

If Pietro Querini, navigator, merchant and, on top of that, Senator of the Serenissima (Most Serene) Republic of Venice had known what the consequences of importing cod to Venice would have been, he would had probably started his own business abandoning politics.

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An apple in disguise

What you probably ignore, is that centuries ago, it was common practice for botanists to tie the familiar noun “apple” to any exotic produce in order to make it look harmless or more friendly. Sellable, in a few words. Persian apple (peach) Golden apple (tomato) Custard apple (pawpaw fruit) Cashew apples (cashew nut) Star apple ( caimito fruit) Velvet apples (a type of nectarine) Mad apple (eggplant) Earth apple ( potato and sunchoke) the list is long.

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